So much work, so little to show for…

Have you ever had one of those periods in your life where you’re going a million different directions but never accomplish anything? Well…I’m in one of those periods within my life! Since taking on my new role, there’s SO much to learn and do; I’m not sure which to tackle first! Thus, in my grand way that I always do, I attempt to tackle them all!

Allow me to give you a little background. I started my new role within Microsoft at the end of August 2018, right? Let’s just call it September for conversation’s sake! We’re now already in February 2019!! (I won’t bother to tell you that it’s taken me two weeks to draft and complete this post alone!) I went to Seattle to meet with my new manager in September and then did some onsite customer visits in Sept. / Oct. However, you KNOW that when Halloween hits, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for the holidays! I was back in Redmond in November again before ramping up for an almost two week trip in December to Copenhagen, Denmark, Amsterdam, Netherlands and then Madrid, Spain.

Yes, travel is in the new role! That’s for sure! I came back from Europe to spend time with the family before leaving for BETT 2019 in London, England. Before you say it; I know there’s a TON of air time to be able to work. Yep. I just slept!

Now we’re in mid-February… however, there’s some great projects I’m starting to spool back up! The first is this blog again! However, I’m going to use this as a launch page for some of my other projects! What could those be? I’m glad you asked! I’ve embarked on a few:

  1. I’m starting up my task-based learning videos again! For those of you who to not know, prior to my joining Microsoft, I was a consultant and I started a company called The concept was to create short, task-based videos about SMS (product prior to SCCM). So, I’m back at that again! I’ll try to cross link the videos here as well… however, the YouTube channel link is can be found here or go to Once I get enough subscribers, I’ll change it to a vanity URL on YouTube directly!
  2. Part of a Program Manager’s role is to get feedback from our customers and understand how you use our products. So, I’ve created a Grid on FlipGrid which can be found here. The thought is that we can start a virtual dialog on various topics.
  3. In support of the prior two topics, I’ve had to get some new gear in order to vlog and create content for everyone! So, that’s been a learning curve as well!

So, you can see that there’s not a shortage of stuff to do on my plate! Now it’s time to start execution of the plan! Here we go! Let’s do this thing!


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