A New Role Within Microsoft

For those of you who know me… or potentially those that do not, I work for Microsoft. I’ve worked there for over 12 years; five of which were supporting K-12, HighEd and some medical researching institutions in the United States. However, I’ve recently returned to the Education Vertical as a Senior Program Manager with the Intune For Education Team.

As a historical reference, my career was founded on asset management; both client and server. However, as my career progressed, it diverged deeper into server technologies and eventually helping partners building their own solutions within Microsoft Azure. I am SO fortunate to be returning to my passion areas of education and client management!

To that end, I’m going to start blogging again! Not only am I returning to an area which has changed dramatically, but I am in learning mode again. I though I would document my learning, trials and tribulations as I work with Microsoft Engineering Teams as well as customers! Beware… I may be coming to a town near you!

One thought on “A New Role Within Microsoft

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