Technical Resources to Get You Going

One of the challenges of adopting, rolling out, and using technology into the classroom is the documentation or training. Let’s face it, this is one of the reasons I have my blog! However, I wanted to call attention to some great work that’s being done by Microsoft to publish content for IT Admins as well as classroom resources. Check out the FREE (yes, I said completely free!) eBooks from Microsoft. A couple of them which jump to the top of the list for me are:

  1. Windows 8.1 Deployment Planning – A Guide for Education
  2. Windows 8.1 Deployment to PCs – A Guide for Education
  3. Windows Store Apps – A Deployment Guide for Education
  4. Windows To Go – A Guide for Education
  5. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – A Deployment Guide for Education
  6. BYOD Devices – A Deployment Guide for Education

As well as classroom  resources such as:

  1. Getting To Know Office 365
  2. How To Recover That Un-Saved Office Document
  3. Microsoft Word 2013 Quick Start Guide
  4. Word 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Microsoft Excel 2013 Quick Start Guide
  6. Excel 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Digital Storytelling
  8. Microsoft Office in the Classroom
  9. Developing Critical Thinking through Web Research Skills

The list keeps going and going… I had to cut myself off! Go to the main link above and enjoy all the free goodness!