Setting Up the Virtual Classroom

A new school year is upon us! I remember when my wife was a classroom teacher… we would bring the boxes of supplies to her classroom, set up her bulletin boards, and arrange things so they’d be “just perfect” for her incoming class. I, on the other hand, would be working all summer getting ready for those educators to come in and use whatever I had been implementing. I’d be getting ready for the in-service workshops, creating the new accounts for the incoming freshmen class (of students and teachers), and making sure all the bases were covered.

That’s sort of how it is around my blog right now. I’m just getting things set up. Making sure I like the theme, getting the menus “just right”, and all of that. Are there going to be mistakes and changes as this evolves? Darn right there is! You can EXPECT that! Mistakes are how we grow professionally and as a person. If we always got it right the first time, life wouldn’t be as fun!

Reach out to me with your ideas, feedback, and comments! That’s what this is all about! Let’s grow this together!

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